Promoting Excellence in Mental Health Practice

Changing Minds is a non-profit organization based in Ottawa, Canada. We support individuals seeking help with mental health disorders through sharing information, skills, knowledge and helping create access to specialty mental health programs. Our focus is currently on activities related to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) given the urgency identified for treatment, information and support.

Many have discovered that there are gaps in the system. Individuals and their supporters may have difficulty  accessing mental health care providers and best practice treatment models, and even in some cases, health care providers may not themselves know the best practices in treatment and how they can be delivered.

These systemic gaps are discouraging, especially at a time when important work has been done to build public awareness about mental health, which has helped de-stigmatize mental health issues and encouraged individuals and their supporters to come forward to seek help. 

Our Vision

We envision living in a community where all those affected by mental health disorders have access to the treatment they need, empowering them to live healthy and productive lives.

Our Mission

We will work to support individuals affected by mental health disorders, their supporters, and health care providers by sharing information, skills, knowledge and access to specialty mental health programs based on evidence-based treatment models. 

Our Objectives

We want to provide individuals and supporters affected by mental health disorders and those treating them with access to information on evidence-based mental health treatment models. Building partnerships and collaborations, we will help create what is needed.

We want to advance education by providing training for health care workers to recognize and respond to mental health disorders with specialized mental health treatments.   

We want to promote health by providing individuals with mental health disorders access to specialty mental health programs.